Curriculum Vitae: Photo Essay

Following is a chronological photo essay of my work as trail builder:

2015-Present: Gumption Trail Works; Sweet & Sustainable Singletrack

2014 – 2011: Singletrack Trails

Little groms enjoying singletrack.
2015: Hand built singletrack along Government Creek; northern anchor of trail system connecting Rifle to public lands outside town.





Crusher fines spread on Morrow Drive Trail
2015: Crusher fines spread on Morrow Drive Trail, a collaboration project with the City of Rifle, and RAMBO.
Groms helping
2015: Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers 5th grade program helped with clearing corridor.
2015: Jessa James checks grade reversal in Ridgway.
2015: Jessa James checks grade reversal in Ridgway.


Volunteering on Mansfield clean-up
2015: Mansfield Ditch, and Cherry Creek are two of my favorite high country trails in the Rifle area. Clearing winter deadfall, and lopping back new growth has become an annual informal volunteer tradition.
2014: clearing black diamond ski runs
2014: Clearing black diamond ski runs on a private Front Range project.


Private project in SoCal
2014: Climbing switchback turns through an old avocado grove on a private project near San Diego.
grand fallbrook staircase
2014: A winding staircase of railroad ties, and reclaimed patio brick on a Southern California hillside.
waterman dig
2014: Volunteering with the Gravity Pirates on the Mt. Waterman project.
Dave dance
2013: Dave Lewis taught me much about moving rocks much larger than seemed reasonable. It’s amazing what you can re-position with a winch and a collection of snatch straps.
long winch
2013: The rocks fell into place amazingly well, and the trail turned out much more rideable than we first anticipated.
2013: Glendo before
2013: Glendo State Park, WY; rock mono-wall/tread surface under construction.
2013: Glendo
2013: Glendo, WY; Rock mono-wall/tread finished & grouted with fill dirt.
2013: Glendo curves
2013: Glendo curves



last days at the Ranch
2013: Amid the ominous rumblings of Ranchstyle’s future, I was proud to help with grooming & preparation of the slalom, and slopestyle courses at the last year of Ranchstyle. The Ranch was one of my biggest influences in building – I always keep James Flatten’s flow in mind when laying out & building dynamic trail features; trying to emulate the fun, flow, & amplitude of the Ranch.


Packing love
2013: The Ranch was an opportunity to take dirt finishing to unprecedented geek-out levels
2013: A private project on the Front Range involved building cat track access road across some gnarly terrain.
Way up there
2013: 10,700 in a bulldozer; finishing the top of the cat track access road.


mining for flow
2013: This was one of the “less rocky” sections in Glendo State Park. The abundance of squared-off, iron-dense sandstone made for excellent building material once extracted from the tread.
lookin' good
2013: The rocks that were in the tread have been incorporated in a retaining wall, and the boulder at the exit of the turn has been incorporated as an optional feature.



big rocks before
2012: Glendo, WY: big rocks before
chunk gnar after
2012: Glendo, WY, trail tread after
2012: PBR
2012: The 18 Rd trails are the source of my earliest memories of riding in Colorado, and mountain biking culture I found here. It was an honor to get to work on PBR, the first new trail approved for the 18 Rd area in a decade.
2012: nook before1
2012: Creating a small, curved wall brick patio in a nook overlooking Bogue Sound, NC.
the nook being enjoyed



trail closed
2011: Trail closure on the Sugar Magnolia system near Nederland, CO. The original fall-line tread was reclaimed with a mini-excavator, then covered with slash from beetle-kill pine.
Sugar Mag 2011
2011: The reroute allowed for a longer trail, with multiple bonus features. It has since become one of the more popular trails in the system.
2011: Rapid City
2011: This series of switchbacks in Rapid City, SD’s M Hill park took nearly a month of hand labor with a 4 man crew, pulling stumps, moving rocks, and bench-cutting a 36″+ tread.
2011: Gowdy braap
2011: Curt Gowdy State Park, WY; bringing the braaap!
Fruit bike park, circa 2011
2011: Dirt jump section of Fruita Bike Park; my first project with Singletrack Trails.
2011: Putting the park in trailer park
2011: Putting the park in trailer park – a pump track at Deer Run Mobile Home Park, Greenville, NC.
WD pumptrack
2011: Woody Ditch – this labor of love was my first experiment with a full-scale pump track.